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A house isn’t a home until you and your family move in, and a home isn’t “smart” until you integrate the technology you use every day to simplify your lifestyle. Whether you want to keep cool in the Miami Florida heat or transform your Broward residence into the ultimate after-work escape, new home automation features can help. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular features for you to enjoy.

Smart Home Technology

What makes technology “smart?” It’s when a device uses the internet to connect with others in the room. The more components you connect, the greater the capabilities of your home’s technological ecosystem. From security to entertainment, comfort to energy management, your smart home automation system works to transform your Miami Beach property.  

Lighting Control

Lighting is fundamental for a happy, healthy, and safe home. From enhancing the beauty of your space to bolstering security to managing energy usage, your lighting does a lot for your property – and looks good doing it! Smart lighting control goes far beyond what traditional lamps and fixtures can do. Command every fixture from a single interface, create and save scenes that highlight your home’s best features, and rely on subtle, automatic adjustments to keep you ready for everything your day brings.

Motorized Shades

Forget cords, wands, or chains. With the push of a button via the remote or a simple flip of a switch, you can open and close almost any style of window treatment. Motorized window shutters, shades and blinds are an excellent option for extending the life of your blinds and reducing the stress put on them when you have to open them manually. No more tangled cords or broken wands and chains!

Media Control

We live in an age of virtually limitless media options. Want to watch a movie? Choose from a library of thousands via an online streaming service. Love an album? A quick search on your smartphone will have you rocking in no time. With so much media at our fingertips, management becomes a challenge. When you integrate media control, you can find anything you want via a single interface and play it through high-end audio video equipment that offers incredible clarity, color, and design.

Connected Home

The technology you use every day may help simplify your lifestyle, but if it’s too confusing to use, it will soon start gathering dust in the back of the closet. When you connect your technology within a single, easy-to-use whole home control system, you’ll never worry about your components going to waste. Command each component individually, or operate multiple systems at once for a fun, safe, and simple way to organize the devices installed around your property. 

Energy Management

Whether you’re looking to “go green” or simply reduce your monthly energy expenditures, smart technology can help you do it. Thanks to usage-tracking features, real-time alerts, and easy-to-adjust automatic settings, you can count on your home’s technology ecosystem to help you make smart choices. Don’t waste another minute on inefficient electronics – upgrade your property today!  

A Tailored Smart Home

Imagine a single application that controls everything in your Miami Beach or Wellington house. Want to turn off the lights without getting up from the bed? Need to check your home surveillance cameras from your vacation destination? It’s all possible with Control4. With a Control4 system at your home, whether in Broward, Miami or Naples, simplicity, efficiency and comfort come together with technology artfully crafted just for you.

Cybertech specializes in home automation solutions customized to your home and your preferences. Realize the full potential of your new smart home with Control4 systems available for any budget, space, or lifestyle.

A Brighter Approach

Let lights serve a superior purpose in your space as a stylistic spark, tone setter or even a security blanket. Nurture the full power of natural and artificial light with intuitive control of fixtures and shades through Control4 smart lighting solutions.

Common Solutions:
Control from elegant, custom keypads, touchpads or apps
Wide variety of blind, shade, and drape integrations
Enhanced security through preset scenes and sensors

Design the Ultimate Smart Home Experience

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